Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Huffington Post Comedy Reviews Herman Blue

 Huffington Post Cemedy writes: " Herman Blue, The Pumpkin Comic, Is Great At Telling Bad Jokes"

Herman Blue: Pumpkin Comic by animator Ian Stewart with original music by Nan Avant, is getting some awesome press, and it's well deserved. Ian is a brilliant animator and it was fabulous to work with him on this very funny short animation, just in time for Halloween!


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

IndieWire reviews Herman Blue: Pumpkin Comic: and Horror Film Screening in CA

I am so excited about this animated short by Ian Stewart. I collaborated with Ian over the summer and composed an original score for Herman Blue: Pumpkin Comic. Read this Indiewire Animation Scoop blog and see how Ian created this awesome, brilliant piece. You can watch the complete short, it's short!

HB:PC  will be screening at the RIP Horror Film Festival. Festival dates: Nov 8,9,10More updates on HB:PC coming in the next two days!!


Global Music Award of Merit for Tributum!

Tributum composed for Celtic Bagpipes and Chamber Orchestra has been awarded a Global Music in Media: Award of Merit in Composition.
I am honored to have this award and thank the Global Music in Media for choosing Tributum as one of the honorees.
This is a different award competition then the Hollywood Music in Media Awards, which will have an awards ceremony in late November. Still, an award is an award and I am grateful to have my composition recognized.