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Huck Finning the Amazon

 Arthur J. Post

Video of Arthur J. Post speaking about his book " Huck Finning the Amazon"

Arthur j. Post, Edward Kellogg Strong III and Gain Allen John with the river paddlesfrom the book " Huck Finning the Amazon"

Arthur J. Post

Author of "Huck Finning the Amazon"

A  True Story

In Loving Memory  Arthur J. Post passed on in April 2010. The Avant family, Rue, Nan and Ann are so grateful to have met Arthur and his lovely wife Mary Ellen in April 2009 and discover a new found family friend who at that time was 95 years old. Arthur lived with his wife Mary Ellen in Ajijic Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico. Art wrote an adventure book called "Huck Finning the Amazon". Art Post may  have been the first American to have accomplished this feat: 

In 1934, Art Post and 2 other explorers made a continental crossing of South America from the Andean Mountains to the mouth of the Amazon River at Belem du Para on the Atlantic Ocean.
Arthur Post and his two fellow explorers, Edward Kellog Strong III, and Gain Allen John (both now deceased) traveled in canoes with the Machienga Indians of Peru in 1934. The Travel Channel is featuring the Machienga Indians in the series " Mark and Olly: Living With the Machienga". Artthur Post, with the help of the Machienga Indieans, did this seventy five years earlier.  

Arthur J. Post's story is remarkable- along the way in his trip, he actually visited our grandparents' ranch in Peru, Ester Recharte Avant and Ira Avant,   and has photographs that confirm this. My sister Rue, my mother Ann and I visited Arthur and his wife in April 2009 and spent three days talking with him about his travels down the Amazon and meeting the Avants. It was wonderful to meet Art Post, and to read his book. We took several hours of video during those three days with Art telling us of his adventures in the Andes and down the Amazon.
Art was as sharp as a tack and was very interested in getting the word out about his book. He was hoping to find a publisher in the United States. We all thought his book would have made an exciting adventure movie or documentary, especially because Art was still living and could tell his own story.With our video footage this may still be possible. 

Please visit the blog spot link we created  for Art and his book, Huck Finning the Amazon.

The Avant Family
Nan Avant, Dr. Rue Avant  and Ann Stein Avant

Avant Family Ranch Sauqui
The boys and local Indians in the water with the canoe
The canoe

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