Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Music for Script Reading: While Thunder Sleeps

This is a new work I composed for a script reading of a new screenplay by Laurel Minter. WHILE THUNDER SLEEPS is a sci fi thriller based in a Navajo Reservation in the Arizona desert.

"When she is accused of murdering her mentor, a veterinary doctor is forced to escape into the Arizona desert.  The only one willing to help her is a young Navajo Indian and together, they uncover a lethal game of genocide that leads them all the way to the Whitehouse".

 The script reading took place on April 30, 2012 and was performed by 11 actors from Seattle. There were visuals of the Arizona landscape and desert and my music played at different intervals during the reading. This was an awesome experience and I loved creating this work. I recorded all of the music live, playing the instruments myself A Navajo flute, a drum from from Zimbabwe ( that's what I had available), a bean pod shaker for the rattlesnake sound and then I did add one digital instrument which was a drum.

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