Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Film and Food .. a great day!

I had a great time today with Nik Perleros, a director I worked with a couple of years ago. I scored his short film, Maria in the Kitchen. A really fun film, great acting, great script and of course great directing. He actually co directed this short with the screen writer, Laurel Minter.
Nik has such a great attitude about, basically, everything.  Just very positive and I like this. I think one has to keep it positive and upbeat in life.
Nik's is doing some creative work with actors and writers in LA. I checked out his new work when I got back to my studio and it's awesome.  He has directed 4 of the shorts in this series which is about Tweets.
This is really good stuff! I haven't watched all of them yet but so far my favorites are Walk of Shame and Pregnancy Test. Nik directed Walk of Shame. I think they will do well with this web series. Also interesting is that the composer, whose music I really enjoyed, also attended the same film scoring program that I did, the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program with Hummie Mann.
The trailer music on Youtube for #nitTWITS is from the Nutcracker Suite and it's perfect. love the editing to this music. 

Can't wait to see what else Nik does in his work.

We had a fabulous gourmet hamburger, the Lola Burger,  at Brave Horse Tavern one of the restaurants owned by Tom Douglas.
Brave Horse Tavern

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