Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Music, YouTube and Small Successes with the Computer

I've been thinking about my blog and how best to utilize the space here and be of some help to other composers. Mainly, I can write about what has helped me and how I get passed difficult situations.

 I used to call a knowledgeable composer/ teacher who would graciously help me through sequencing or computer issues, he was awesome to say the least. This worked great for a few years, just call " Tim" and he would bail me out of just about any predicament on the computer. He really got too busy and I got annoyed with my lack of staying power to figure things out for myself. I would have to say over the past 2-3 years I have found a lot of solutions by myself. Either sitting there at the desktop for hours sometimes days, until I found the answer. Lately I have turned to the all knowing source of everything.. Google and the fabulous YouTube.
Yesterday I started to work on Symphobia 2 which I purchased several months ago. I had worked with Symphobia 2 for a short time back in January,  then lots of stuff came up and I didn't get back to it until now. I spent hours just trying to update the software and found it really wasn't necessary. I stayed with the original version and found an excellent tutorial on YouTube for Logic 9 and Kontakt 5. Setting this up was slightly complicated but the video is excellent. I also keep notes on my desktop, in Word, titled: : How To Do Stuff, dated for each time I add something new. Usually this is " how to's"  on music and sequencing or quicktime problems. This really helps to be able to quickly go to the How To doc and find what I need.  For instance, I haven't been using Digital Performer very much the past couple of years because I switched to Logic so if I can refer to my " How To" and find what I need on DP, this helps get me back on track with that sequencing program. Logic and DP are so different. Later, I will write about some tricks I found in Reason and how I was able to create Laurels for a postcard in Photo and Preview, it was magic, believe me and it took hours, if not a couple of days.

This is the tutorial from Efficient Musician, Andrew discussing Kontakt 5 and Logic Pro 9 Automation. He did an excellent job describing how to set up separate tracks for each instrument and how to control automation in Kontakt 5.  I have used Kontakt for years with GPO but that version was 2.0 This all works great with Symphobia and I can't wait to get going with composing in Symphobia!

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